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Causas Onda Verde
Our Causes

Promoting a wave of social transformation

Onda Verde is Council member of the Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest, a movement of the Brazilian society to restore and transform its most threatened biome. The proposal is to restore 15 million hectares until 2050, with the purpose of establishing sustainable and economically feasible landscapes.


The Atlantic Forest is a National Heritage and, internationally, it is protected as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


Today, the State of Rio de Janeiro has 30.7% of its original Atlantic Forest.

Protecting the Atlantic Forest, reforesting degraded areas and recovering landscapes is also defending essential services and rights: water supply, power distribution, and income generation.

And it is also teaching and learning from communities through environmental education and social inclusion.

Our main goal is to work collectively to build a fairer, more supportive and sustainable world, where people and natures progress and have quality of life.


Onda Verde is committed to the Social Development Goals - a collection of 17 global goals established by the UN. The SDGs are part of Resolution 70/1, known as 2030 Agenda.

Our Causes are especially associated with 10 SDGs.

Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Social - ONU
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