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Monitoramento de água - Onda Verde
Water monitoring

Water is life

Our Wave is Green because we understand that the defense of our water resources is directly associated with the defense of our green, our forests. No forest, no water. And without water, there is no life. Having access to clean and treated water is a right of every person.

The demand for water continues to grow, so we need to do more.

Strategies for monitoring water quality and quality of life

Physicochemical monitoring of water and biomonitoring with Benthic Macroinvertebrates (MIB) – a strategy used to assess the environmental degradation level of rivers, monitoring the quality of water and living organisms that inhabit the bottom of rivers and lakes, adhered to stones, gravels, leaves or buried in mud or sand, such as insects, earthworms, snails etc.


Laboratório das águas - Onda Verde


Place where the analysis and study of samples collected in the field is performed through the physicochemical monitoring of water and biomonitoring with MIB.

It also offers activities related to scientific literacy and the insertion of young people in the world of science and, mainly, in the world of “doing” science. Our proposal is to promote a reflection on the relations between nature and man, in addition to the importance of the access to science as part of education and citizen education.

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