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The Wave of Knowledge for a more sustainable future

Learn some reflections, strategies and concrete proposals suggested for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest biome with the support of Onda Verde.

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The Contribution of the municipal for the establishment and management of the private reserves of natural heritage – RPPNS in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

MACHADO, Mariana; PACHECO, Roberta G.; MONSORES J., José L.

This paper examined legal frameworks on RPPN approved by eight municipalities under the following aspects: compliance with federal and state regulations, legal certainty, innovation on incentives to private reserves and effectiveness in the implementation of the law.

Composition of bat assemblages (Mammalia: Chiroptera) in tropical riparian forests
(original em inglês)

LOURENÇO, Elizabete C.; GOMES, Luiz Antonio C.; PINHEIRO, Michele da C.; PATRÍCIO, Priscilla Maria P.; FAMADAS, Kátia Maria

Various studies have focused on the richness and abundance of bats in tropical forests and how the composition of these forests affects bat assemblages, but there are few studies on the relationship of bats with riparian forests. The aim of this study was to ascertain the differences among bat assemblages of three riparian forest areas of the Tinguá region, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Host morphophysiological conditions and environment abiotic factors correlate with bat flies (Streblidae) prevalence and intensity in Artibeus Leach, 1821 (Phyllostomidae)

PATRÍCIO, Priscilla Maria P.; LOURENÇO, Elizabete C.; FREITAS, Aline Q.; FAMADAS, Kátia Maria

The aim of this study was to correlate Streblidae parasitism rates with temperature and humidity as well as sex, age and reproductive condition of Artibeus bats. Streblidae specimens were collected during two years in the Tinguá Biological Reserve and in two areas inside buffer zone, located in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro State and preserved as wet specimens.

School and community in the acknowledgment and planning of municipal environmental education actions: the experience of the city of Mesquita/RJ

SANTOS, Ana Maria M.; CARDOSO, Cristiane; BEZERRA, Carla Andreza M.

This article searches to present a snip of participatory research carried out during the process of collective construction of Municipal Environmental Education Program of the city of Mesquita, Rio de Janeiro State.

Watershed management – Case study of the river basin of the Iguaçu River in Nova Iguaçu municipality

MIRANDA, Alexandre S.

This article is to regularize information on the major interventions in the Iguaçu River Basin, as well as in its analysis in the light of environmental education, to contribute to an integrated management to be implemented in this basin.

Germination of Mimosa bimucronatha (DC.) Kuntze as a function of seed processing

OLIVEIRA, Thaís A. de; SANTOS, Thainá A. dos; ROCHA, Vivian P.; FRANÇA J., H. M. de; ANDRADE, Iamara da S.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the germination percentage of Mimosa bimucronatha (DC.) Kuntze, known as maricá, when benefited and semicopulated.

Survey at bat enteroparasites by centrifugal flotation technique (Mammalia chiroptera) in the tropical Forest of Brazil

PINHEIRO, M. da C.; RIBEIRO, Carla Carolina D. U.; LOURENÇO, Elizabete C.; LANDULFO, Gabriel A.; LUZ, Hermes R.; FAMADAS, Kátia Maria; RODRIGUES, Maria de Lurdes de A.

The frequency of intestinal parasites was established in 5 species of bats of the family Phyllostomidae captured in three different areas of study, located in the Village of Tinguá, limits Tinguá Biological Reserve, Nova Iguaçu (RJ). This is the first study of the fauna endoparasites in bats using centrifugal flotation technique.

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