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Environmental Education

Environmental education is in all our causes, initiatives and projects for people and landscapes to live more and better.

The adoption of ecologically correct practices and the incentive to the moderate use of natural resources: environmental education is the path to strengthen the awareness about sustainability and the importance of building a cleaner, fairer and more supportive future for future generations.

Strategies for environmental education

  • Promotion and organization of courses, debates, dynamics and practical activities, disseminating information related to the environmental topics for a critical and participatory education.

  • Structuring and hosting of business volunteering programs - Day Green: set of actions implemented by companies to encourage and support the involvement of their employees in ecological voluntary activities.

The activities are planned according to the need of each group:

  • Public and private school students

  • College students

  • Teachers and researchers

  • Public and private companies



A space outfitted with equipment and furniture that receives annually about 10,000 students and 2,000 educators.  Every day, we serve residents of Tinguá region who use our library and multimedia resources for research and information exchange purposes.


It offers activities related to scientific literacy and the insertion of young people in the world of science and, mainly, in the world of “doing” science. Our proposal is to promote a reflection on the relations between nature and man, in addition to the importance of the access to science as part of education and citizen education.


Here, students from public and private schools in the region have access to quality information and pedagogical support for conducting research and preparing school studies.


The space is suitable for companies and groups of people who want to learn and practice ecological and sustainable cuisine. We serve the community of Tinguá offering courses and workshops in the area of healthy and sustainable diet with the reuse of food.

Educação Ambiental - Onda Verde


Space for thematic meetings, debates and workshops with small groups.


Space intended for events, seminar, lectures, and plays.

Vasos de flores reciclados


Acesse nosso portal da educação ambiental para obter dados detalhados a respeito das instituições e atividades realizadas durantes os últimos anos.

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