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Equipe Onda Verde
Onda Verde Team

Onda Verde team works at its headquarters in Tinguá, Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here, we plant, teach and learn to build a fairer and more supportive world.

Samara Grangeiro



At Onda Verde since 2000, Samara is a pedagogue, specialist in interpretation, translation and teaching in LIBRAS. She works in the administration and preparation of environmental education projects. Social inclusion through education is her work and a life proposal. She represents Onda Verde in the Municipal Council of Children and Adolescents of Nova Iguaçu.

Mariana Duarte


Environmental Engineer

Specialist in Occupational Safety, she has been working since 2014 in the preparation of georeferencing executive projects of worked areas. She is also responsible for forest Replacement projects.

Guilherme Rodrigues


Environmental Engineer

With a Master’s degree in Environmental and Forestry Sciences and specialist in mangrove recovery, he also has an executive graduate degree in Environment. His experience involves reforestation programs for carbon emission compensation, environmental licensing, forest and phytosociological inventories. Since 2014, he has been responsible for the carbon offset program of Onda Verde partner companies.

Alexandre Miranda



With Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology, specialist in Urban Planning and Environmental Education, he works as a teacher, coordinator and researcher, participating in research groups of Ecology, biodiversity and conservation of aquatic ecosystems and Geography. He has been collaborating with Onda Verde projects and programs since 2014.

Diogo Luiz



Specialist in Environmental Management and photographer, he coordinates the Free Bird and Young Photographer's House Programs. For ten years at Onda Verde - he arrived here as an trainee - he has two passions: photograph the nature – he has already photographed in some Brazilian biomes and participated in a photographic expedition in Africa – and work with environmental education, sharing what he knows and learning with the young new looks about the world. Collaborator of one of the largest biodiversity sites, Biofaces, he is a member of the Association of Nature Photographers.

Luís Fernando Pereira



With an undergraduate degree in Physical Education, he is specialized in Environmental Education. He represents Onda Verde in the Hydrographic Basin committees and in the Municipal Council of Environment. Luís started as a student of the courses taught by the Entity when he was 12 years old, in 2000, and never left. Today, he is an Environmental Education manager.

Flávio Marques


Chemical Engineer

Specialist in Sanitary Engineering and Environment, he works as an advisor and consultant in different areas of environmental engineering: treatment of solid and hazardous waste, pollution control, technology and development of clean solutions, environmental monitoring, and development of environmental studies and execution of technical activities aimed at the environment. He has been working at Onda Verde since 2014.

Rafael Dellamare



Collaborator of Onda Verde since 2007, he has a Master's degree in Biodiversity and Health, specialist in the taxonomy of benthic macroinvertebrates – biomonitoring of aquatic ecosystems (Exo-exergia). He works as a consultant at COPPE/UFRJ in the evaluation of the tailings barrier in Brumadinho.

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