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The Wave of Knowledge for a more sustainable future

Learn some reflections, strategies and concrete proposals suggested for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest biome with the support of Onda Verde.

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New record, host and localities of bat mite of genus Chirnyssoides (Acari, Sarcoptiformes, Sarcoptidae)

LOURENÇO, Elizabete C.; PINHEIRO, Michele da C.; FACCINI, João Luis H.; FAMADAS, Kátia Maria

Chirnyssoides parasitizes the anterior and posterior edges of bat wing membranes. Possibly due to a lack of studies, its distribution is believed to be restricted to a few countries of Central and South America. The purpose of this paper is to report the presence of Chirnyssoides amazonae on the bat Carollia perspicillata in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and to present a checklist of hosts and localities for Chirnyssoides.

Medicinal plants as a therapeutic resource in a community Surrounding the Tinguá Biological Reserve, RJ, Brazil – Secondary Metabolites and Pharmacological Aspects

OLIVEIRA, Luciana S. de; MUZITANO, Michelle F.; COUTINHO, Marcela A. S.; MELO, Giany O. de; COSTA, Sônia S.

The Biological Reserve of Tinguá, Rio de Janeiro, represents a significant portion of the Atlantic Forest’s biological diversity. A survey of medicinal plants was carried out in a surrounding community of this Reserve with the aim of recording and preserving its traditional knowledge.

Medicinal plants and university outreach as a strategy to strengthen a farmer's cooperative from East Fluminense

NASCIMENTO, Ronald de F.; NUNES, Vitória B. C.; DIAS, Flávia dos S.; MARQUES, Jamylle M.; MACHADO, Thelma de B.

In this paper the activities of the PET Farmácia Viva Group are described, together with the families of farmers from the Cooperative UNIVERDE of Nova Iguaçu-RJ, and several difficulties to continue their agricultural activities in an agro-ecological model after the end of the Transpetro Family Duct Farming Program in 2008.

UAV-based Tree Height Estimation in Dense Tropical Rainforest Areas in Ecuador and Brazil (original em inglês)

REDER, Stefan; Waßermann, Lilli; MUND, Jan-Peter

The aim of this study was to develop an easily applicable, cost-efficient workflow for tree height estimation in remote, inaccessible rainforest areas in Ecuador and Brazil. Structure from Motion (SfM) was combined with a digital terrain model (DTM) from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) to complement relief information from photogrammetric point clouds (PPC) which represent the upper canopy layers.

Technical evaluation of Municipal Basic Sanitation Plans of the Baixada Fluminense: a case study for two municipalities

BRITO, Juliana C. M.; ARAUJO, Natalia B. D.

Monograph (Bachelor of Environmental Engineering) - Polytechnic School, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2017.

The objective of this work is to critically evaluate the Municipal Basic Sanitation Plans of two municipalities in the Baixada Fluminense, São João de Meriti and Nova Iguaçu.

Analysis of performance and accessibility conditions in container reuse in commercial and service purposes

BUENO, Camila Aparecida P.

Dissertation (Master’s in Civil Construction) – Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos, 2019.


The objective of this work was to perform an analysis of the performance and accessibility conditions in the reuse of containers in commercial and service establishments in construction, through questionnaires applied to users, was based on current performance and sustainability standards.

Evaluation of the exo-exergesis of the macroinvertebrate community as an indicator of the ecological quality of rivers in the Atlantic Forest

SILVA, Rafael D. da.

Dissertation (Master in Biodiversity and Health) - Post-Graduation at Oswaldo Cruz Institute, 2017.

The present study aimed to describe eco-exergy temporal trends and investigate its potential as an impact indicator for macroinvertebrates communities from tropical rivers under different levels of impact in streams from the Atlantic Rainforest, southeastern Brazil.

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